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 Pep’s reaction to Bayern’s goal.

 Pep’s reaction to Bayern’s goal.

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"Whatever anybody says, those experiences belong to me and nobody can take them away from me."

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Happy birthday Pep Guardiola!

"Guardiola’s pursuit in the game and his message as a coach have achieved unanimity in the world of football, something that is virtually impossible for others. And most importantly, he did not succeed by the number of trophies, but through his own way."

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Exactly one year ago Pep announced he wont renew. #gràciespep

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“Life has given me this present. For five years I have been able to have you close to me and enjoy the great show that these boys have given us during that time. I’ve been no different than you - I’ve been equally privileged. A little closer to the pitch maybe, but I’ll take this privilege with me. You can’t imagine the happiness and pleasure I’ll take with me you will never lose me

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 Favorite Bromances:Pep Guardiola+Tito Vilanova

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