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Child: Ronaldo, Ronaldo… May I give you a hug?

Child: May I give you a hug? 

Child: Do you give me your shirt? May not it?

Cristiano Ronaldo: It may not… I won’t be able to play without shirt!

Child: Yeah, you won’t be…

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Cristiano pide chops URGENTEMENTE

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Cristiano Ronaldo - The Winner of FIFA Ballon d’Or Award 2013!

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi sharing a little smile at the FIFA press-conference, after being asked two questions at the same time and not knowing who should answer first.

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Ronaldo™ BackHeel


Ronaldo™ BackHeel

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"Your love makes me strongyour hate makes me unstoppable.”

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Football player VS Zombies by Just toon it

Football player VS Zombies by Just toon it

"People who think Cristiano Ronaldo is arrogant or bad person are wrong. He offered me his house in England."

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"I will never ask my fans to hate any footballer, because football is not about hate."

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