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The ability to express feelings does not come naturally to some. On a personal level, it is not for a lack of effort; words just tend to stick in my throat. For those of us who struggle, I can only say how wonderful it is to have Manchester United as a release. With United, I feel everything. I feel joy, pain, passion, fury, euphoria, disappointment, hope, despair. I cry, I laugh, I shout, I clap, I smile, I sing, I get choked up, I hug strangers, I hold my head in my hands, I jump up and down, I lift my scarf, I wave my flag. I feel heart-swelling, soul-consuming pride. I’ve sobbed in my bed alone. I’ve been physically sick at times. I’ve stayed up all night re-watching matches. I’ve run around the house screaming at 2am. It’s the same for millions across the globe. That’s the United effect. Ahead of the new season, you know what to expect by now. There are new faces, big talents, exciting prospects. We’re entering a new era, we’re writing yet another chapter of this remarkable, never ending story. Remember what brought you to this club, and what it is that makes it impossible to walk away. Remember all the ways it helped you, saved you, made you. Remember that it extends beyond the 90 minutes. So, as always, chant until your throat is hoarse, clap until your hands sting, jump until your knees shake. There’ll be ups and downs, and you’ll feel it all. Most importantly, in amongst the haze of emotions, through all the near misses and victories, the plot twists and drama, don’t forget the club you support. United.

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Everything starts again .

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"I think Manchester United is the best club to be at. It has helped me a lot. If I wasn’t at United playing a few games, I don’t know where I would be or at what stage I’d be at or what level. But just getting a few games here and there for the best club in the world has helped me get to this level. It’s what every Manchester boy dreams of. Growing up, you just want to play for United but to score for them was out of this world. It’s the Man United way of winning things. There’s no better club than United. “

Thank you for everything Danny boy, you’ll be missed. Good luck for your future.

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one love,one flag,one team Fc Barcelona!

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Juan Mata for El País (x)

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Barcelona, Spain + FC Barcelona (insp)

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